Thursday, July 14, 2011

dongeng. i

once the girl was called an angel. by a boy who adores her much.

the girl and boy set a date to be their very first date. the girl wore purple dress with a hair been set nicely. hoping the guy would love it. and he did :)

watched a bad movie that day, yeah, wasted their money but hey just sitting together for an hour isn't enough for them. the boy walked while the girl lagging behind. at once, they hold hands together. never much care for others stared at them.

the girl is shorter and she stand on her toes to kiss the boy's cheek and she's hiding her face then. her cheek lighten in red in a second.

they still holding hands when they reached one restaurant. sitting there waiting for the orders to be served and the boy looked at her with great passion said "you are beautiful today". . . . .


semua orang suka dikata cantik. semua orang cantik kan

ps : dan aku bosan cuti panjang. merapu? mencuba!


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