Sunday, April 4, 2010

my world turnin upside down..ha ha ha.!
well,im kinda sore throat n my body quiet warm..lalalala~
im oke,i guess i mish my dad n mum so badly...
so,wen i woke up this mornin..i called my mum..
"mak,eny demam laa...saket tekak"
"ermm,nape nye?g laa tdo..mkn da?g laa mkn ubat.."
"asik tdo je..pnat laaa"
"tade kelas ke?"
"ade laa byk da abis lec..."
"ow,g laa tdo"
"ermm, ye laa~"
tuttt~**end of the call...
but im kinda stubborn..
in fact of my heavy head due to headache...
i got my shower and get dressed...
yay..!!farina wanna go back home...
she was ere....although notink in perlis but still..
she drop by ere,chatterin around..hahaha..!!
havin our diner together.!
wow~lot of food gonna say.!!
menu : ikan masak stim,ikan bakar,udang masak cili,kailan ikan masin,tomyam campur...yummyy..!!im totally full yesterday nyte.!
oke,this is pix of ours...from left : farina,rain n me..!!!
bye2 farina..!we gonna mish u much..!!
even we spent so lil tyme but we gonna meet u very soon...
till now~im signin out...
mayb im not updatin my blog for this moment..(im lyin i guess.!!ha ha ha.)
i dun hav much interest in fb-ing,ms-ing n all sort of thing..haaaihhh...
i commented wit peps that i already known n i dun ever interest gettin into the stranger..
ha ha ha~
wat am i bubblin ere.?????????????
i dun even know...=.="
i dun hav much appetite today....
but i do settled my slides for!!
before i got dizzy ere,before i typin like a moron ere n even before i cursed wat-ever im thinkin in diz very moment...
im out.!hahaha~im totally meant it.....


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