Sunday, April 18, 2010

buggie bugs...

ohh dear.!!
math paper tomoro...
my battle had started...
gudlux eny!!!
fer few days..few days huh.??
i revised a lot wit my fren..
askin this n dat...humph,thnx a lot ya.!!
well,sum kind of unease feelin had risen in me..
funny isn't it?
quite a long tyme huh...
i really dunno n dun wanna noe either...
but it bugs me...
y is dat.??
tryin to make sumtink huh??
makin peps uneasy n really out of control.?
o mayb wanna say sumtink but d ego had blacken ur intention.?
really dun hav tyme fer dis..
wat gonna b..let it b...
but hey..?say sumtink...
im tired already....
me?o wasn't me?
wat on earth was dat "lord voldemort" tinkin..!

maths engineerin - 19/4

english - 23/4

engineerin entrepreneurship-27/4

foundation of chemical process-27/4

basic ecology-30/4

_________________ v(^>^)V ___________________

2nd MAY-my dad dtg amik..mekasih...gudluck.!hahaha..!!


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