Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : more pictures.


am busy with this kad raya thingy.

just knew that it was pulasan, not the bad rambutan.

hate jammed especially another half an hour for berbuka.
am a driver for my families.

had put on few kgs. it's uncool.

i love them. yeah, another one month before i start my new semester.

i do miss him a lot :)

kbaii!!! *wordless sangat?nahhhh...HAHA!


3 suke nak komen:

...(",) PooH... said...

wow, banyaknyer kad raya tuh... :O

Freaky said...

i miss you too :)

Dida LiciouS ♥ said...

bagusnye! masih hantar kad raya mcm dulu2...skrg ni kan semua guna elektronik je...ucapan raya pun dlm sms je..:(