Friday, January 21, 2011

a thought ..of mine


Pissing off kind, just blamed others for some nonsense reasons. Giving up too quickly and thought of fame and power, not what it takes to be the leader. Their duty had being passed to others although that was theirs. Pity.

Envy. Always can’t stand for what others have. Wanting more is what they desired. They never satisfied of having one and try to let the others fall over. Pity.

Odd. They were acting like one. Don’t know why. Pity.

Pending type. Always blur and don’t know what is happening. As we need to keep telling them what and why. Pity.

Loser. Wherever I go, this type is a must. Not generally I said but they admit it. They simply said but never intent of being better. Pity.

Emotional. This is suck. People with “extra” emotional are never need in anything. Be professional not a weirdo out of the weirdest. Pity.

seriously, it makes my day worse but hey..its fun having this kind of people like adi had said "it makes our world colorful"..


6 suke nak komen:

AIMAN said...

yes people. ;)
oit pe kaba?

erniemusliana said...

heh. sehat ^^

Anonymous said...

ngko kecek sal diri ngko ke??

erniemusliana said...

at least i realised who i am by not prentending to be anon and said something annoying to the opponent.
adakah manusia ini dengki?cakap je. aku tak kisah sikit pon :)

E$aR said...

ko 2 yg pity owh mnusia anon! xthu kew.. mnykitkn aty owg pon tergolong dlm dose.. bwk2 la sedow diri..

erniemusliana said...

heheh go esar go esar :P