Monday, October 25, 2010


being at home is the most wonderful thing. i don't have to think hard of what i wanna eat that day. or even think of any assignments. i can go out for breakfast with my mum. i can laugh with her. i can hear my dad joke after he had pray in the living room. or i can be tickled with my brother's attitude.

1 : i miss home badly
2 : i miss my mom and i wonder what she doing at home alone during day
3 : i miss my dad and pity him as i troubled him a lot
4 : i don't want to ask money from my dad anymore
5 : im such a person who always sick before exam. i need a rest
6 : i woke up from my dream and first thing that come across in my mind is home
7 : i miss the laughter of my brother
8 : im sick with food here
9 : im being far from home very long enough
10 : please understand, im me and im not u
11 : im alone if im staying at my hostel. my housemate?they gone for home

btw, my dad offered to pick me. thanx to my dad. i hardly wait to meet u soon :) love u and all of u

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