Wednesday, April 20, 2011


i miss u, u miss me and that is why i want to meet.
dont care oh i never care.
how messy u can be, how bad breath u had.
oh u i miss i love.

i cry cry cry.
whenever i have been told a no and capital NO.
i tried being normal.
i tried being like usual so no one will ask.
i ashamed i shy.

i wait and wait.
from the day had started.
till feeling dizzy in the hot sunny noon.
oh i wait and want to wait.

i woke up.
i heard the alarm.
yeah, im not solat yet.
i performed solah and wait.

ok, never mind then. i go study. ^^

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Anonymous said...

mungkin ini lah balasan orng yng suko burukkan orng lain...
cukup lah membenci dan bermuka-muka..
nanti takdo orng nak kawan dgn kita..nengok skarang ini pon sudah ramai yng membenci..
macam diri anda juge..depan buat baik..belakang, kutuk sokmo..
begitu juge orng laen dgn diri anda..
sedarlah orng disekeliling kamu sudah bnyk yng membenci.. :)

Freaky said...

erk kepada anon.. ni entri untuk aku sebenarnye.. kalau x paham, jangan main menyampuk je pasal benci membenci.. hahaha

erniemusliana said...

i never noticed that or maybe u the one who noticed alone that im being hated by others. for god sake, please find others to spread ur advices. i dont need one. mine one now, more than perfect :) i dont need any corrector.

ps : dont judge if u never see me in person. u urself never been better than me. i can give u a BIG mirror if u want :)

pss : these never been stated about hate. this is about been in love. if u cant digest it please dont leave any comments. eh, thanx for drop by. appreciate that :)

erniemusliana said...
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