Tuesday, November 2, 2010

just thinking of wanna bubbling. haha

skrg hujan kat perlis baru berhenti. da hujan tanpa henti since saturday and certain areas mmg da banjir. jalan da tutup. huh. students from wg ulu are not allowed na kua dgn private car. bus je bole ok? tah la. tp surut la banjir ni. my family na dtg. pick me and stay at langkawi then HOME. :) my mum wants me at home. haha. ^^ mish me ya mum?mish-ing u too, A LOT.

bila panas terik mula mengharap hujan, but bila langit da mula na bg hujan sampai tak henti, kita na matahari pula. wow, ta bsyukur kan?haha me also the same. ta payah tunding jari. but as far as i concern. im trying to be grateful but human never satisfied in what they have had in their hands. em always wanting more.

sometimes when im sitting alone. my mind akan terbang thinking of something. what is the benefits yg i got from it. what bout my parents. future is the main point. confuse with myself of what im doing. it is wrong or right. thats why im refuse to tegur orang sbb im doing the same as them. kan?

enough with bubbling. haha. im sick thinking of exams. banyak ta study lagi. and cam wasting time je bila exam pointer average. what is the point bljr kat university. kat sini bazir mase sungguh but kat rumah nanti?i dont have any idea bout it. but hoping dgn study at home brings kesenangan melampau. got parents and home tempat yg sgt bagus :) even though u and ur family live in the cottage, but when there is families semua jadi bahagia. being near with the one we love most. kan? oh i mish my kitties. da gemuk.!

exams :)

22/11 - thermodynamics
23/11 -fluid mechanics
25/11 -maths
26/11 -fundamental of environmental eng

good luck to me and semua orang :)


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