Sunday, June 27, 2010

to my beastie : let it be... :)

when human being is neither thankful nor felt regret of what they have done,
they given second chance but they ruin it,
they repeat it again,
the very same mistake they did in past time,
oh,how stupid that human is?
never felt content of what they have,
but always wanting more,
they never will understand what life is,
i mean karma,
oh yes you do know?
what goes around comes around....
we here?just wait and see....
and do laugh when you felt to the ground..
CONGRATULATIONS..!!u did it...!!



2 suke nak komen:

qamma said...

huhu..khas tok aku eyh...
so sweet...luv u eny....muaxx...

erniemusliana said...

luv u too dear..:)))) mmuaaxxx..!!