Wednesday, May 9, 2012

HB to me. :')

mum : makan kek ape kat sana?
me : what kek?mane ada la mak.......:(
mum : oh takpe. nanti balik kite makan same-same. 
me : lame lagi ....ok mak....

im officially 22 years and 2 days today. thank God for letting me breath till today and making my life better. but still, i need to make myself a better one. thanks for the wishes my friends :') whether from facebook, twitter, text, bbm, or even singing in front of me...really appreciate it though. and for dinner treat! superb :). for the gifts also, wahhh thank u. :) thanks to junior for saying this to me "kalau dah jauh buat kita lebih appreciate, birthday girl mana boleh sedih".

kbai. :)


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