Monday, March 7, 2011

This post has no title. end.

The night seems to be coming,

Oh the day has to move on,

Im sitting here just wondering,

Plus thinking,

Im sitting here to be calm me,

Plus to be searching why,

For the people I have missing,

For the people I have not interested with,

For my mum and dad, I miss u guys real bad.

For my friends that I always eager to see, I hope we will meet real soon.

For my lover, I love u for being with me whenever I want u.

For my foe that seems to seek for my weaknesses, just do.

I always have them.

I always have been here for them.

Later u sees, i'm not the one u expected of,

From the first time u meets me,

And now standing in front of yours,

Sometimes people will be unexpected,

And later the show who they really are,

But as for me and you,

Better to know which one is true,

And which is which is sincere.


2 suke nak komen:

Adam said...

ish2... makcik btol lah.. hahaha

sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

i miss my angah :(