Thursday, March 17, 2011

adakah speed trap itu bertepatan?

as a driver, i have one bad habit. i love fast. and i drive memang fast. the problem is, speed trap. just think about that. sebab aku takkan ikut had laju yang diberi, faster then that adalah. gila berlagak and that is why my dad text me when i ask him i wanna go jalan-jalan and shopping jauh dari perlis. i once went to penang and only tell him masa dah sampai perlis balik. sorry dad ^^

oh, he text me this :

"must be good driver and extra alert. normally when few youngster inside car, they'll tend to be a very careless and too much excitement and joy until forget about safety. and show off. no compromise on your safety"

ye, lagi satu aku suka show off. i hate people potong me, lambat drive, waaahhh i so baran. seriously. my dad like faham me a lot. =.="

when i said. "he drive. and he is ok la" then he said "ok"

diskriminasi gender. =.="

ok, pasal speed trap. kalau dia tangkap my plat number. so, i ke kena bayar? dah la still P. sebab that car under my name? macam mana dia tahu? ish ish...even though, masa tu firdaus yang drive?

how? macam lah aku reti benda ni =.="

ahahah. happy eating ^^


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Freaky said...

kene speedtrap ke ? kat mane ?

erniemusliana said...

i said KALAU disitu. and HOW. ish :P