Thursday, September 9, 2010

b..!,farina,rye,tyma,pija..sile wat ye :) heee :D

disebabkan mak aya g pasa membeli keperluan na masak-masak n aku d ruma yg ta tdow maka aku buat ape yg sudah d tagged utk aku..haha!

Rules and Regulation :

firstly , if you've been tagged , you must write yours answer in your own blog and replace any question that you dislike with a new , original question . secondly , tag eight people .don't refuse to do that , don't tag people who tagged you .

1 . who sleeps in bed next to you ?
kynot,yakuza and fifi..sume tu adelah mende bukan hidup..hahaha!!!i wish i wish..lalalaa~~ :DDD

2 . do you ever lied to a boyfriend/girlfriend to get out of somethings ?
basically bout my mood but gtau juge last-last..hohoh...

3 . what kind of kuih raya did you make ?
kalo kueh tu tunjuk kat kedai kire aku buat en?aku beli patu...:DDD

4 . best day of the week ?
esok kot?1 syawal,makan makan dan gmok..opsss dwet aye also!!yay!

5 . what's really creepy ?
lipas...HATE IT SO MUCH..!

6 . what's your current fandom / obsession / addiction ?
incik bulatt..:DDD

7 . what are the colour of your baju raya ?
pepel!!ohh acik kite same!!!:PPP then then...T.T aku ade bju ta pakai kaler puteh kebaye..count kan??kan???:PPP

8 . what did you eat for break fast today ?
mihun gowen mak buat!!!BANYAK kot makan....hahah!

9 . what is your aim for this raya ?
$$$$ <---- mate dwetan..hahahaa!

10 . what was the last things you bought ?
aaaaa shawls??paling mahal pena aku beli..T______________T

11 . what was the cuttest thing you've seen recently ?

12 . does the cute things affect your mood ?
yelaaa..ase na pelok-pelok..b, na bole??hahaha!

13 . what is your zodiac sign ?

14 . do you want to learn other skills ?
martial arts! :)

15 . 5 things you like about malaysia ?

16 . if you could meet anyone now , who would you meet ?
sume laaa..!!!bulatt,kak amy,kak reena..wuuuu wuuuu T____________T n rakan-rakan taulan...

17 . what's somethings you'd to say to someone right now ?
saye da gmox...T.T

18 . what are you looking forward to ?
durhh when my lappy gonna b FINE?? T.T

19 . say something to the person who tagged you ?
mekaseh...sebab skunk mmg tatau na watpe..:DDD

oke,kamoo kene wat oke?
firdaus :))))

dan sesape yg na wat..hahaha....adesss..T.T mari siapkan ape yg patot!!! :PPP


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