Sunday, August 22, 2010

he must not be named

well,morning peps...rise n shine thru my dun get my enuff sleppin beauty n yet im awake after sahur....he slept already n myb dreamin of me wawawawaaa....:D surf here n there n me kept on listenin to pop princess by the click five..yes!its an oldies but still my fav...!! :))

oke,wat i saw durin my "cyber journey'' was sum1 who is a guy dat quiet brilliant i guess who did not believe in islam...oke fine,u r a free thinker...but no need to done sumtink like "selamat berpuasa...fuck u" it touched all of us...yup,im not gud enuff of being HIS servant..but u noe wat is right n wrong...u a gay,ya go on wit it..i got no probs wit ya...ur own grave,ur ownself THERE after d apocalypse soon...i meant it,very very soon....

n his friends,kinda idiot..myb?i dunno..literally i dunno how to judge peps....sumtimes i do judged wrongly...hey wats up?ur friend doin sumtink ain't right n u back him up..WELL DONE for u guys...he is islam n malay, but to spread sum new ideology based on ur need....myb quiet few followers who think d same as urs....wallahu a'lam...

bein old enuff n too much genius sumtimes brings probs...y?yeah they thinkin too much n over-doin it...n they cant tink sumtink gud enuff after!!!hell ya~~

we r big enuff to tink which is right n wrong...use ur brain gives by HIM to tink out of it....d gud ones perhaps....

oke guys,epy fasting :) 1/3 ramadhan had left...another 2/3....n wen ramadhan is over,we yet dunno we can see another ramadhan nex year :)

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