Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The blind girl.

Her name is Kecik. Was born normal with other siblings. She was the only one that still alive tapi dalam keadaan buta. Buang mata atau biar mati because her eyes got infection masa few weeks old. Few months already, she's healthy and active girl despite her condition. Kadang-kadang kesian tgk Kecik terlanggar dinding or kerusi masa lari2. Tapi dia happy, good enough. :')

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2 suke nak komen:

eyla_kbaharin said...

oow..poor that cat...but still she manage untuk hidup..

i wish all my cat hidup lagi..most of them died bcoz of fall from the 5th floor..which is my home :')

amer akat said...

aslkum.. u have so nice blog ...bleh sy follow u? if can pls follow me back ya.. thx =_=