Wednesday, October 12, 2011

they kept asking why.

my housemate is a chinese. while we eating the prata & homemade vegetarian chicken curry made by harvin's mum, we watch this movie. they say this movie kinda nice and i said u better read the novel because it really gives u perasaan yang membuak-buak.

btw, the chinese girl did ask harvin.

"eh?malay can do like that meh?" (the actors were hugging at that time)
and harvin said maybe they acting only.
and i said "totally cannot la..but....."

%$%&(@#. takde jawapan yang sesuai.=.="

sebelum chinese girl tu jogging dia tengok page yang aku buka. then saw my friend's picture which also a model. dan beliau pakai lebih kurang macam ni.

"eh?u guys can wear like that ho?"




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emy|farid said...

diorang lagi tau mana buruk n baik n they respect muslim people. diorang tak kan buat apa yang tak boleh in front us. dulu kawan pun non-muslim. sangat memahami

AmalinaRazif said...

sometimes, we just don't have the words to describe what is happening...:( and that is life now... :( agama tu macam title je...